About Us

Perfect Fit: Made in the USA

We at Perfect Fit manufacture the industry’s best police and law enforcement shield wallets and accessories.  Our unrelenting commitment to quality and attention to detail makes Perfect Fit simply the best product money can buy.

Our products are proudly Made in the USA, in Corinna, Maine.  Our dedicated staff hand tool each individual piece of leather from start to finish, ensuring a build that will last for years. 

Because our product line is vast, so is our stock of materials and accessories to manufacture what you need – when you need it.  With our diverse stock, we are able to produce customized products with an impressively short time from order to delivery.  We are proud of our systematic approach to manufacturing that makes our fast service possible.  At the same time, each step of the process is designed to ensure we meet he rigorous specification of our customers. 

Please look over our catalog and online store to see which products we have available.